Data & Insights

Digital Agri Hub collects data on digital solutions worldwide, to track the evolution of digitalisation in agriculture and provide insights on its impact.

We collect and compile structured data on digital agricultural solutions, and publish these data and analytics through an online database. Using such data, and including knowledge and experiences from the broader ecosystem, the Hub delivers insights on the development of digitalisation and its impact on small-scale producers. In this way, we contribute to building evidence of impact, together with effective mechanisms to help achieve it. At the same time, we provide stakeholders with knowledge to invest in digitalisation in the agriculture sector that can help change lives and livelihoods, while enabling promising solution providers to get to scale and become sustainable.
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Emerging Innovation Support

Digital Agri Hub supports innovation by assessing innovative digital solutions and promoting effective business and governance models.

Through innovation support, the Hub facilitates the rapid identification, assessment and dissemination of promising D4Ag technologies and business model innovations. We guide digital solution developers and service providers on good practices for selecting appropriate business and governance models. This can help to overcome common hurdles, such as accessing finance and establishing effective governance. We also analyse promising solutions to highlight and enhance innovation champions. In this way, we provide insights for investors, policy-makers and other stakeholders on developments with potential to make an effective contribution to targeted growth and sustainability.
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Ecosystem Coordination

Digital Agri Hub strengthens the D4Ag ecosystem by engaging stakeholders, bolstering existing networks and supporting matchmaking.

The Hub plays a coordinating role in strengthening the D4Ag ecosystem through the promotion of South-South and triangular cooperation. We help existing networks to establish a dynamic and sustainable community around digitalisation in agriculture and support this process through knowledge brokering and stakeholder engagement. Digital Agri Hub engages with its stakeholders in various ways, from sharing guidance and best practice reports to initiating webinars and dedicated workshops. This ensures that a strong foundation is created to foster the deployment of digitalisation for agricultural transformation, with direct benefits for small-scale producers.
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Advisory & Capacity Building

Digital Agri Hub advises public and private stakeholders on how best to make decisions, develop policy, and deploy investments for successful D4Ag solutions that benefit small-scale producers.

To channel the Hub’s insights to the sector we provide advisory and capacity-building activities for a wide range of stakeholders in the D4Ag ecosystem. The focus is on improving the understanding of how digitalisation in agriculture can enhance the livelihoods of farmers. This helps to ensure that efficient and evidence-based decisions are made when investing in digital solutions, when putting them into practice, or when establishing the financial and regulatory conditions for their implementation.
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Cross-cutting Topics

Digital Agri Hub’s activities focus on low- and middle-income countries, targeting opportunities to support small-scale producers, ensure the inclusion of marginalized groups and contribute to climate resilience.

Our aim is to advance and promote investments in digital solutions that can bring about positive change for small-scale producers in low- and middle-income countries, leading to improvements in their livelihoods. A special focus is digital development that benefits women, youth and marginalized groups and communities. Climate change and climate-related disasters pose a particular threat to small-scale producers, so working on D4Ag technologies that can strengthen climate resilience is a key priority.
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