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Insights on digitalisation in agriculture

Digitalisation is regarded as an important instrument for transformation of the agriculture sector in low and middle income countries. At the same time, the domain is still relatively immature. A lot of initiatives and solutions have emerged in the last years, but we also observe that a lot of them struggle to become sustainable and get to scale. Proof of impact and how impact can be achieved is still scarce, and funding and investments are still fragmented and not well aligned.

Digital Agri Hub will contribute to the evidence base for digitalisation in agriculture by generating insights on the development of digitalisation and its impact on small scale producers. These insights will be fed from the data on digital solutions collected and harmonised by the Hub. But it will also include the results and learning from the other activities that are deployed. Work on business models and frameworks to accelerate innovation, piloting new technologies, and capacity building will feed into the insights. Moreover, it will include the findings and network linkages that evolve from the ecosystem coordination that the Hub will establish to strengthen and extend the network on digitalisation in agriculture. 

The Digital Agri Hub will publish its evolving insights, but will also share or link to other products relevant for the evolution of the digitalisation in agriculture and its benefits of small scal producers and the insights needed to align future investments in the further inclusive development of the sector.