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About the data

Digital Agri Hub collects and publishes data on digital solutions and services, revealing their potential in terms of impact, investment and innovation. The collected data and derived infographics are published on the Digital Agri Hub dashboard. The Hub also uses the data to publish a variety of insight products, ranging from blog posts and infographics to sectoral overviews and global state of industry reports. Investors, policy-makers and other actors can use the information as a basis for investment or policy decisions, while solution providers may find it a valuable source to identify partners for collaboration and co-development.

Acting as an interconnected Hub rather than an isolated platform, we aim to set up data sharing partnerships with other global information providers. We are therefore taking a lead in standardizing the data and metrics required to link relevant knowledge sources in the digitalisation for agriculture domain.

Our Data

Digital Agri Hub publishes data on digital solutions for agriculture that support small-scale producers in low- and middle-income countries worldwide. Our database is sourced from existing data sets and newly collected data. First started based on the digital solution data collected by CTA, the geographical coverage is now rapidly expanded to other regions. The Hub will further extend and maintain this data, in order to establish a quality checked data set with global coverage.

Data that is currently published through the Hub’s Dashboard originates from the following resources:
  • The database of digital solutions developed by CTA, that fed its insights report on digitalisation for agriculture in Africa. The dataset has been reviewed by the Digital Agri Hub team to reflect relevant changes since it was first compiled by CTA
  • A data set of digital solutions for agriculture in India, developed by SkyQuest for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Data on digital solutions for agriculture with global coverage of low- and middle-income countries, collected by the Digital Agri Hub team

Data Governance

The data published by the Digital Agri Hub is reviewed before publication. Regular quality checks ensure that data complies with established quality criteria. The Digital Agri Hub intends to set up sustainable data partnerships based on data sharing agreements that include arrangements for data curation and quality assurance.