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Forging sustainable partnerships across the D4Ag sector

Written by Rob Lokers, on 04 November 2021

With numerous actors developing, implementing and using a range of digital agriculture solutions globally, there is an urgent need to strengthen partnerships and increase investments across the digital...

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Impact investment in Digital Climate Advisory Services

Written by Rob Lokers, on 03 November 2021

Digital Climate Advisory Services (DCAS) are digital services (mobile apps, radio and climate information platforms) together with digitally-enabled services (printed bulletins and extension services) ...

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In a world where digitalisation is gaining traction at an unprecedented rate, it is important to look beyond smallholder farmers as a homogenous entity. In Low-and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs), core...

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Accelerating Digital Transformation in Agriculture

Written by Marlies de Keizer, on 11 October 2021

Digital technologies have strong potential to support the transformation of agriculture, building a resilient, sustainable and inclusive agrifood system. As key enablers, digital innovations can play a...